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Blossom Room Blog....

 Blog info for Blossom Spring 2

This week the children in both rooms have begun their new themes

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossom children have begun looking at how things move. Because of the children’s interest in vehicles, we have decided to start this week off with looking at different land vehicles and wheels. The children have been making ramps and moving cars along them, exploring the water wheels in the sand and using plastic pizza cutters to move across the play dough. The children also got the opportunity to enjoy the snow, dressed in wellies, hats, scarves and gloves they made snowballs and explored the snow together.

Apple Blossom

Apple blossom children have also just begun their theme of discovering and exploring. They started exploring their new space themed sensory area as well as making play dough dinosaur eggs and exploring the lost dinosaur world in the small world area. The children have also been using chalks and black paper to create beautiful night sky pictures. Already the children have shown lots of curiosity and begun asking lots of questions, using their imagination and creating their own imaginative games. Lots of the children from Apple Blossom also explored the snow this week. They especially enjoyed making snowmen and throwing snowballs.

Book of the term

In both rooms the book of the term will be ‘Whatever next,’ which is about a little bear who gets in his cardboard box rocket and visits the moon. We will have the story and related resources in both Apple and Cherry Blossom rooms so feel free to come and share this, and any other story with your child at the beginning or end of the day. We will also be sharing this story on world book day which is Thursday 1st March 2018.



Apple Blossoms
So far we have explored the colours green, blue and yellow. This week we have been particularly focusing on yellow. We have been using a variety of differently sized spoons to fill containers with yellow rice. Some of the children have been pretending they are cooking using the rice. We have been making lovely collage pictures using different shades of yellow glue, paint and pasta. The children have been hard at work in the home area washing the dolls clothes in soapy water and then hanging to dry. They have then been ironing them using the toy iron and ironing board before redressing the babies. Lots of the children have been practising writing their name using pencils and name cards. All of the children have been making lots of marks on paper using a variety of mark making tools such as pencils, felt tip pens and crayons. Eco-schools have also been hard at work, picking up litter in our outdoor play area to make it cleaner and nicer for us to enjoy.
Cherry Blossoms
We have also been looking at the colour yellow in Cherry Blossom room. We have been doing lots of filling and emptying using jugs and containers in the yellow glittery water. Some of the children enjoyed using funnels in the water, watching the water as it poured through the funnels. The children have also been making some beautiful yellow collages using tissue paper, straws, ribbon and sand. The children have been doing their own gluing using spreaders. We have also been using our imagination with farm animals and straws and beginning to say the names of the animals and the noises they make.
Next week we will be focusing on the colour red. We've got lots of exciting activities planned

We are also planning to make photo albums containing pictures of the children on holidays, day trips or taking part in celebrations so if you would like to add to our album please send a picture to m.barton@martenscroft.manchester.sch.uk