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Palm Room Blog....

Palm Room Blog   Autumn Two

Week Three/Four

Our ‘Learning Wall’ is now complete, if you have anything to add then please feel free to do so.

 The children have shown a big interest in the playdough activities, some of the boys have sat for long periods of time at the table and have created structures with the dough and drinking straws. Other children used the straws as candles and made Birthday cakes, singing the song to their friends. Five Currant Buns was very popular and this led into the children making their own cupcakes.

 The children have spent short periods of time outdoors as the weather has been very cold and wet. They have been encouraged to keep warm as they exercise playing ball/chasing games and using the climbing equipment.


Palm Room Blog   Autumn Two

Week One/Two

We hope you had a restful holiday, most of the children have settled back into nursery life very well, others need a little more support.

 The children have been observing and exploring pumpkins. We have noted the language they have used. They have been encouraged to touch, taste and smell the pumpkins. They have used knives to cut and spoons to scoop out the flesh of the pumpkins. We have created a ‘Learning Wall’ next to the sink at the back of the room. The children’s observations have been documented and placed on the ‘Learning Wall’. This is an ongoing project so please come and have a look and add any information you feel relates to this area of learning for your child.

 The children have been listening to and joining in with role play as we have shared Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They have made porridge for the Bears and Goldilocks in the home area. We have talked about the size of the Bears, bowls, chairs and beds. The children have acted out different roles as they wear masks and use the props in the wooden house. They have matched the main characters of the story and props with cards on a board.

 We are moving onto the book The Enormous Turnip as this relates to the pumpkins we are discovering and learning so much about.

Palm Room Blog   Autumn One

Week Four/Five

Most of the children have settled well into nursery life some still need a little more encouragement and support. The whole staff team are working hard to settle them into their new environment.

Some of our new children have been fascinated with water play, engaging for long periods of time in emptying and filling a variety of containers and watching water fall through holes in buckets and scoops.

Outdoors the children have had lots of fun splashing in puddles with their wellington boots on. They have challenged themselves with the wheeled vehicles, learning to stay upright on a scooter and get in and out of a car.

Palm Room Blog   Autumn One

Week Two/Three

Welcome back to our old children and families and a warm welcome to our new children and families.

The children are settling very well into their new environment exploring the indoor and outdoor provision with enthusiasm. Following our home visits we have created a display all about our homes. Please come and have a look with your child it is on the construction display board. Many of the children come to look at their home and the activities they shared with their key person before going off to play.

The children have particularly enjoyed sharing the big book Old McDonald singing the rhyme and talking about the animals. Some children are naming and matching the animals, others are taking on the role of Old McDonald.

Outdoors the children have discovered the movements of a parachute that has been tied to the trees. They have observed the wind moving the parachute up and down. Running underneath it and catching it in their hands and noticing the difference between the wet and dry material. These observations have been placed on tapestry so have a look and see what your child has been up to.