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Welcome to our Children’s Centre Group – Martenscroft and Moss Side

Children’s Centre’s contact details:

Martenscroft: 0161 226 1266

Moss Side: 0161 226 0162

Graded as offering outstanding provision by Ofsted in March 2011, Martenscroft Children's Centre provides holistic, core purpose services around the needs of children, their families and the wider community.

“Core purpose” for children’s centres, is to improve outcomes for young children and their families and reduce inequalities between families in the greatest need and their peers in:

  • Child development and school readiness
  • Parenting aspirations and parenting skills
  • Child and family health and life chance.


Early Years services will be delivered across Hulme and Moss Side in partnership with a range of partners and stakeholders to ensure that a wide range of both universal and targeted services and activities are easily accessible to children and families living across the neighbourhood.    

Services range from Midwife appointments to family support services including parenting courses and adult education. By building and maintaining strong links with the local community, our group of Children’s Centres strive to put children and families at the heart of the centre and all of its activities. You are very welcome to take a look at what each centre offers.

With activities including Stay, Play and Learn and Baby, Stay and Play we aim to engage as many parents and carers in their child’s play and development, believing the concept of parents being a child's first educator is key. We support and equip parents with new activities, ideas and routines to use at home to help ensure children are given the best opportunities to flourish as they develop.

Our Early Years Outreach Service practitioners will work across our group of centres, working closely with families in the home and the centre as part of a locally integrated team with Health Visiting service and other relevant agencies. They will deliver evidence based interventions as part of agreed pathways to drive school readiness and support the delivery of core purpose sessions within the Sure Start Children Centres.


We are always keen to hear about and respond to new suggestions and to gather feedback about the services we offer. Please feel free call into the centres or complete our guest book through the website.

Please click here to see our ''What's On Guide'' for information on services and activities taking place at Martenscroft and Moss Side Children’s Centres.

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic universal activities are currently not being delivered. However please contact your local children’s centre if you would like up to up to date information, advice, guidance or support.


With the gradual lifting of restrictions from March 8th, allowing schools to re-open to all children; City Play has seen a full return to its usual face-to-face delivery across all settings! For more information, click on the link: City Play HT4 Newsletter 2021


     Moss Side          Children's Centre 


30 Selworthy Rd, 
Moss Side, M16 70H

Rusholme Children's Centre

420 Great Western Street, Rusholme, M14 4HA

Children's Centre


33 Epping Street, Hulme, M15 6PA