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Willow Room Blog....

Hello everyone, we hope you are keeping safe and well.  Enjoy our stories and activities we have planned for you and please let us know if you need any further support.

Lynnette has a special surprise for you this week - her dog Nala joined her for storytime!

Spot Stays Overnight video.MOV

Spot Stays Overnight activities.docx


Pip and Posy this week. Enjoy!

The New Friend read by Shabnam.MOV

The New Friend activities.docx


Hello everyone. We hope you enjoy this week's story and activities:

A Bit Lost video.MOV

A Bit Lost activities.docx


Hello, here is Courtney reading Just Like Jasper.

Just Like Jasper video.MOV

Willow activities.docx

Here is the BAM weekly challenge:

BAM Challenge - Wacky Week.pdf

Here are some ideas on keeping your child safe.

Child safety - parent pack.pdf

Wishing everyone Eid Mubarak!  We hope you enjoy your special festival


Hi everyone, routines have changed so much recently and with the prospect of your children moving onto their Reception classes in September, Julia and Donna thought it would be a good idea to share some time activities with you.

My First Big Book of Time video.MOV

My First Big Book of Time activities.docx

Hello everyone, here is our story " Jasper's Beanstalk" for you to enjoy.  See you soon, Donna and Julia

Jasper's Beanstalk Video.MOV

Jasper's Beanstalk Activities.docx

Here is our new story - Pip and Posy.  Hope you are keeping safe.  We miss you!  Donna and Julia!

Pip and Posy video.MOV

Pip and Posy Activities.docx

Here are some activities to wind down with...

BAM Challenge - Wind Down Week.pdf


Willow Room activities for you and your child to enjoy this week.

Willow Who Am am I activities

 who am I -video.MOV


Hello everyone, we hope you enjoy this week's activities

Farmer Duck Activities.docx


Willow - Where's My Teddy-story.MOV

willow- wheres my teddy-activities.docx


Please look at this information on how to talk to your child about coronavirus

A childrens guide to coronavirus.pdf


Here is a great set of activities where you and your child can move to music both indoors and outdoors.



We have added some great web links to help with home learning - please take a look!

Useful Links for Parents and Children.docx


Here are some tips for taking care of yourself during these difficult times.

Taking care during the covid 19 outbreak.pdf


here are some ideas for teaching children how to be independent - enjoy the cooking!

Small Steps - Independent Living Skills.pdf

My Manchester Fayre cookery book.docx


Hello everyone, hope you are keeping safe and well.  I hope you enjoy our story "Cat on the Mat" by Brian Wildsmith. There are lots of activities you can do at home.  Hope to see you all soon!  Donna, Julia, Michelle and Courtney.

Cat on the Mat story time.MOV

Willow Cat on the Mat activities.docx


Here are some ideas of things to look after ourselves during isolation

Psychology Wellbeing Pack.pdf


This is an important poster showing you how to manage your child if ill or injured during the current covid 19 outbreak



Hello everyone, we hope you are keeping safe and well.  Our story this week is called " The Monster Pet" by Jan Pienkowski and is read by Julia.  Let us know how you are getting on via tapestry, Donna and Julia

The Monster Pet - story.MOV

The Monster Pet activities.docx