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Parent and Community Group

Martenscroft Nursery and Community Group

Martenscroft Nursery school and Children’s centre is a Rights Respecting School.  Article 3 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child states: The best interests of the child must be a top priority in all decisions and actions that affect them.


As a group of parents and carers we are committed to working with Martenscroft Nursery school and children’s centre staff team to respect the rights of every child. We will support the staff team in planning events that will benefit children and their families in the local community.

We will share our skills, knowledge and expertise of the needs of the local community. We will support the staff team in the planning of services across the school and children’s centre, which reflect the rights of every child and put the child at the centre of all that we do.

Terms of Reference:

  1. Membership: Membership of the group is open to parents and carers of Martenscroft and members of the local community. Professionals and practitioners may be invited to attend group meetings in order to help the group gain a better understanding of specific issues within the wider community.
  1. Objectives :
  • To work to improve the experiences and outcomes of all children and their families in the local community.
  • To gather and collate views from a wide range of parents and carers through a variety of media for example questionnaires, evaluations and feedback forms.
  • To support parents and carers to become involved as representatives of the advisory board and governing body.



If there are sensitive issues raised in the group then the information remains within the group.

Standards of behaviour: We will treat each other with respect and value each other’s experiences. Where we disagree we will challenge the statement and not personally attack the individual expressing it. All members will take on the responsibility for ensuring that everybody’s views are heard.



Group members are invited to provide their email address so that a group email can be sent out after each meeting with actions from the meeting.




Meetings currently been held here at Martenscroft since September: